Christian Women's Job Corps and Christian Men's Job Corps of Rankin County is a ministry that changes the lives of women and men spiritually, emotionally, physically, economically, and socially. In other words, it ministers to the whole person. CWJC and CMJC seeks to provide a Christian environment in which women and men in need are equipped and encouraged for new life in Jesus Christ and where they gain job skills for employment in order to enhance their lives and the lives of their families. CWJC ministers on the inside for those incarcerated in prison.

“Hope to hold up” You and Your family!

Women and men faced with life challenges need encouragement, nurturing, and support.  They need to become self-sufficient to provide for themselves and their family.  Most importantly they need to experience God's love, forgive-ness, and grace.  Each CWJC and CMJC participant attends a weekly three-hour class with trained mentors and trained site volunteers. Men and women do not meet together in the same class but in special group classes on different nights or days.

Hope for Women and Men

  • A hand up
  • Healthy and positive relationships
  • A move from dependency to self-sufficiency
  • Spiritual encouragement
  • Life skills and job skills training
  • A mentor to walk alongside

How to help

Pray for the participant, mentors, and leaders.  Pray for the women/men to find new life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and through self-sufficiency.  E-mail prayer warriors.

Sponsor a participant - just $100 pro-vides books, special events, and job skills workbooks.

Mentor—for every participant we must have a mentor.  A mentor is a friend, coach, guide, etc.  You only have a 6 month commitment.  Mentors must be a Christian and agree to a Statement of Faith.

Bake a birthday cake or provide re-freshments during the monthly celebra-tions.

Teach a job readiness skill, practice interview, typing/computer classes, crafts, or educational presentation.

Donate rewards, toiletry items, beauty supplies, cleaning supplies, laundry deter-gent, phone cards, gas cards, gift certificates for hair cuts, and restaurants, or home items.

Volunteer to work in the clothing clo-set, located at Healing Touch Ministries, 148 Michel St. Brandon, MS 39042.