Since 2004 the ministry of Mississippi Benevolence (MS Benevolence), formally Rankin County Benevolence (RCB), has praised God by helping those who are in true need.   Originally five churches came together to start RCB; today almost sixty churches and other organizations are working with MS Benevolence.  God has used this organization to bless many by “Providing HOPE with a Hand Up” where little hope existed.

Many churches are members of the original “Database Website”.  This website provides information on which the member church has assisted and helps the church make a more informed giving decision.  In addition some churches, individuals, businesses, and organizations also give on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis to help MS Benevolence meet needs in the community.

In July 2008 MS Benevolence became a 501 (c) 3 non-profit ministry. God began to work and many more needs of our community were met.  Rankin County has begun to look at MS Benevolence for back to school supplies, thanksgiving baskets, and Christmas gifts for kids, rent, auto repair, home repair, funerals, and for assistance in other areas of need.  With God as the CEO of MS Benevolence, we have moved into a new phase of operation.  As of Jan. 2010 RCB moved from being a local ministry to a state wide ministry and changed the name to “Mississippi Benevolence” with Rankin County being a “Chapter” of MSB.  This move will not change our work in Rankin County, but will give us the ability to help other counties and churches develop benevolence work in their area of the state.  The “Rankin County Chapter” of Mississippi Benevolence will always work in Rankin County with money given in Rankin staying in the county. 

As this ministry grows, God continues to bless.  Your prayers are needed now more than ever before.  It seems Americans have turned their back on God, but we cannot give up. America needs to see God’s church come together in a compassionate desire to see the lost know Him. With so many needs around the world, we sometimes over look the needs across the street from us.  Jesus said in Mark chapter 12 verses 29-31: “The first of all the commandments is to love God and the second is to love your neighbor as yourself.”  Please help Mississippi Benevolence love God and our neighbors by praying, giving financially, and volunteering to work with us.