Nursing Home Ministry

Nearly 70% of residents in nursing homes in the United States never receive a visit outside the caregivers in their facility. Who will go see them?  They call the bank to get the weather and time just to hear a human voice.  They sit with their eyes locked on their door that never opens. They continue to wait on loved ones who will never come.  Who will let them know that they are important?  Who will share God's love and concern with them to restore their dignity that has long since been lost? The Nursing Home Ministry provides hours of Pastoral care to the residents and staff each day.  Many churches are faithful to have services but what the residents return to an empty room to wait alone for three, four days and often more. They appreciate those services so much but they long to be more than a member of a group.

Nursing Home Ministry

They want to be loved individually.  God's Word speaks to us about these precious people.

God called us to go.  Would you go with us?  If you can't go would you pray to place Pastors with these dear people?
If you will pray, go, and give maybe, just maybe  in the solitude of their lonely heart they will hear a still small voice saying, "We're Coming. We're Coming."

Ps 71:9 Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone. NIV

Billy R. Thomas
The Nursing Home Ministry.