Church Planting Expo

I hope you are having a great summer.  Even though the pace can be quite hectic, I pray for you the best ever in the many outreach activities the summer season brings.

You may be receiving many requests for assisting with church plants across North America.  This can become rather frustrating as you try to determine, where, when, who and the cost.

Missions Mobilization exists to assist Mississippi churches in answering questions like these.  We do this by presenting you a few focus opportunities for connecting.  These opportunities offer both immediate and long-term potential and are strategically located.  The leaders of these areas are solid in their focus on church planting.  Through networking with other Mississippi churches, the cost can be shared so that no one church becomes burdened financially.

We are not forming a Mississippi Baptist Convention “partnership” but are facilitating Mississippi churches in networking for planting churches.  In order to effectively communicate information, we are hosting a North American Church Planting Expo on June 14, 2012, 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Brandon Baptist Church in Brandon.

Click on the image for pertinent registration information.  We ask that you register by June 11 so that we can adequately plan for lunch.  The inside of the flyer lists the 7 focus areas.  Our goal is to have several Mississippi churches networking and partnering to plant a church in one of these focus areas.  Please note it would be important to attend even in you are not prepared to make a commitment in 2012.  You could join a network or assist in creating a new network in 2013 or beyond.  This expo will allow you to interact with key leaders from the seven areas on the same day.  This is the first time we’ve been able to offer so many possibilities in one event.

It should also be noted that the North American Mission Board is partnering with us in this approach.  Through this method, you can become a part of a strategic network of Mississippi churches, a focus city or association, the local state convention, the North American Mission Board and Missions Mobilization of the Mississippi Baptist Convention.

I hope to see you June 14. Feel free to invite others that would be interested in hearing about opportunities for church planting.  If you choose to register by email, please send me your name, church, and cell phone number by June 11.

Thank you for your consideration.

On a Journey,

Ken Rhodes

Mississippi Baptist Convention Board